Request for Expression of Interest

1. Within the framework of achieved agreements to attract investments and grants into socially significant projects in the Kyrgyz Republic, The Arab Fund SABOAMIIE intends to allocate USD 80,000,000.00 (Eighty million US Dollars) for reconstruction of roads in the Kyrgyz Republic with a purpose to improve and to support infrastructural projects. This financing will be used for payments under the contract and for covering expenses for the following projects: 

1.1. Construction and completion of the section of the bypass road of Batken city, connection of 216th km with 238th km of the road Osh-Batken-Isfana (22 km).

1.2. Construction and completion of the section of the bypass road of Isfana city (6.5 km).

1.3. Reconstruction of the road Kara-Balta – Chaldovar, Section from 60.7 km to 90.6 km (30.9 km).

1.4. Construction and completion of the section of bypass road of Orozbekovo village, Kadamjay district (7.5 km). 

2. An authorized representative of SABOAMIIE Arab Fund, Public Organization “Bureau of Strategic Research”, hereinafter referred to as the BSR, under the above mentioned projects issues Request for Expression of Interest, hereinafter – REOI, as a means of conducting market research to identify parties having an interest in and the resources to support this Request for the road construction projects. Results of such marketing research will contribute to determining the method of procurement.  

This REOI does not mean the invitation to bid, it does not stipulate a call for any proposals from participants, and neither SABOAMIIE Arab Fund, nor BSR will take any decision in response to this REOI in respect of contract companies; following results of this REOI no contracts will be concluded. Provision of the requested information by participants within the framework of this REOI in response to the conducted market research is voluntary.  

The Ministry of Transport and Roads of the KR and the BSR will not reimburse respondents for any cost incurred in preparation of a response to this REOI. 

3. The Ministry of Transport and Roads of the KR and the BSR invite contract companies (Contractors) to express their interest in rendering services on the construction, reconstruction and completion of the above mentioned projects. Interested Contractors shall provide information, reflecting their sufficient qualification and relevant experience in implementation of such services (brief information on the Contractor, telephone numbers, electronic addresses, form of ownership and organizational structure of the Contractor, etc.). Data and information on the Contractor:

3.1. Contractor’s Technical Capacities:

3.1.1. Experience in construction works. Contracts similar by volume and nature of works.  

Participation of the Contractor in two contracts, which include works, similar to proposed works, which have been completed successfully and (or) carried out in the significant volume within the last 7 years, in which the Contractor’s participation in each contract exceeds USD 40,000,000.0.  

The similarity of the Contractor’s participation shall be based on physical volumes, nature of works, complexity, methods, technology and other characteristics. 

3.1.2. Experience in key types of construction works

For contracts indicated in Clause 3.1.1. or any other contracts, performed within the last 7 years, the minimum experience in key types of construction works shall include the following: 

- Earth works – at least, 200,000 m3/at any year within recent 7 years;

- Construction of isolate layers of road pavement - at least, 200,000 m3/at any year within the last 7 years;

- Construction of asphalt-concrete pavement – at least, 100,000 m3/at any year within the last 7 years;

- Rehabilitation and construction of bridges – at least, 5 bridges at any year within the last 7 years.

3.1.3. Personnel.  

The Contractor shall provide information, that it has qualified personnel for key positions, answering the following requirements: 



3.1.4. Equipment

The Contractor shall provide information that it possesses of basic types of equipment, devices, machinery and mechanisms, listed below: 


3.2. Contractor’s Financial Capacities:

3.2.1. Financial Position within Previous Years  

Provision of copies of audited financial statements, or any other financial reports within the last 5 years during the period from 01.01.2012 up to the current date, demonstrating stability of the Contractor’s financial position. At least, the Contractor’s equity for the last year, which is calculated as a difference between all assets and all liabilities shall be positive.   

3.2.2. Average Annual Turnover on Construction Works 

The minimum average annual turnover of the Contractor’s construction works shall make up USD 60.0 million, estimated in the form of approved payments, received for current or performed contracts within the last 5 (five) years.  

3.2.3. Financial Resources 

The Contractor shall demonstrate the availability of liquid assets, credit lines or any other financial resources (except for any advance payments under contracts) for compliance with financial resources requirements.  

4. Judicial Proceedings. Litigation and Arbitration

All probable legal proceedings and arbitration, if available, shall be deemed to be resolved in respect of the Contractor, thus, in general they shall not make up more than 50% of its own authorized capital, which is estimated as a difference between assets and all liabilities, which must be positive.  

5. BSR shall evaluate information, provided by the Contractor, for determination of potential market capacities:

- to render services, coordinated by volume and scope, with those services, which are described in this notice and in other ones later; 

- to provide and to apply the whole range of financial, human and technical resources, required for successful performance of similar contracts;  

- to carry out a successful plan of project management, which includes: compliance with strict program schedules, cost containment: observance and tracing of implementation; hire and keeping of qualified personnel and risk reduction; 

- to render services under a performance based contract, based on characteristics, if applicable.

6. On the basis of data and information, prepared by the Contractor in response to this Request for Expression of Interest, which may ensure complete and open competition and which may serve later to taking of relevant decisions for preparation and conduction of the international competitive bidding. And companies who submitted REOI might be invited to take part in the international competitive bidding. 

Telephone requests shall not be accepted or recognized, and neither references nor evaluations shall be provided to Contractors in respect of their submission. 

7. Instructions

Interested companies who consider themselves qualified to perform such services on construction, reconstruction and completion of the above mentioned projects are invited to submit a response to this REOI with information and data on the Contractor, reflecting their sufficient qualification and relevant experience in implementation of such services until August 15, 2017 by 17:00 of local time (Bishkek City).  

All responses, data and information under this REOI shall be emailed to: