Public Association “BUREAU OF STRATEGIC RESEARCH” (BSR) provides consultancy, engineering, public research and project management services for its clients ranging from the government institutions to small private individuals. Thanks to its internationally experienced consultants and engineers, BSR is dedicated to keep international standards and quality in its services.


To act as a consulting company that provides customer satisfaction by demonstrating a solution focused results and innovative solutions to client needs.


To continuously improve and contribute to customer's reputation and development and provide consultancy with honesty and confidentiality principles


  • Expert and experienced research team in the field
  • Strong information infrastructure, strategic thinking, analysis and planning ability
  • The knowledge and experience in different sectors related to the consulting sector
  • Fast, efficient and efficient service production


BSR provides project consultancy and management services in grants, fund allocation, government incentives, credit planning on the basis of local, regional and international economic needs supervised by international organizations. For planned public or private investments, BSR partners with its clients in carrying the process of financing achievements. Some of the services are;

  • Development of the investment / projects in the planning stage
  • Determination of grant, incentive, credit program appropriate for planned investment
  • Preparation of the appropriate application process for the determined program and directing the clients accordingly
  • Professional project process management consulting after successful applications
  • Technical support consultancy during tender preparation
  • Reporting on the project execution process


BSR conducts analysis, research and strategic plan studies in the fields of healthcare, infrastructure, and export especially in line with the demands of its clients. The research reports are prepared within the scope of following studies;
Sector Analysis:

  • Investment Area Investigations and Investment Feasibilities
  • Target market research for exporting
  • Methods used in the preparation of research reports;
  • Performing literature searches on the subject
  • Survey questionnaires, survey field studies and survey analysis
  • Current status analysis and SWOT analysis
  • Conducting sector analysis within investment planning
  • Carrying out targeted market research
  • Preparation of strategic plans that demonstrate long-term planning of institutions and organizations
  • Preparation of long-term and extensive master plans for the regions
  • Preparing feasibility studies for institutions and organizations
  • Feasibility studies Within the scope of feasibility studies, it is ensured that all the necessary information is obtained in a systematic manner before first –made decision to start an investment or project. Five headings in the feasibility study that include items indicating that the investment is feasible.
  • Economic Research
  • Technical Studies
  • Financial Studies
  • Legal Investigations
  • Administrative Research
  • Each research, analysis and investment calculation during the feasibility study is carried out by experts.


Investment Incentive Supports In line with the Sustainable Development Plan vision of Kyrgyz Republic, development plans and targets are set out in the annual programs, which are of great importance in terms of production and export oriented growth strategy of the country. Objectives are;

  • To direct savings to high added value investments
  • To increase production and employment
  • To encourage strategic investments with high-scale investments that will increase international competitiveness and research and development content
  • To increase foreign direct investments
  • To reduce regional development disparities


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  • +996 555 55 55 55

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